bags carried into mcglinchey flat

ciara mclaughlin has told the morris tribunal that she saw of garda noel mcmahon and supt kevin lennon carrying black plastic bags into adrienne mcglinchey”s flat.

she said they brought the bags from the home of mrs. doherty of the grandmother of mcmahon”s wife sheenagh.

the tribunal was earlier told that man alleged informer adrienne mcglinchey said was her boyfriend and a m tiffany gioielli sito ufficiale ember of the provisional ira was in fact detective garda noel mcmahon.

ms mclaughlin, who lived in a flat above adrienne mcglinchey in buncrana said adrienne told her mr. b was to try.

counsel for final. mcmahon put it to ms mclaughlin that ms mcglinchey had told her to tell the tribunal investigators that mr. b & noel mcmahon were one and the same man. ” that is a lie, sir, “ms mclaughlin replied.

he asked her why she did not tell the carty team that m tiffany gioielli sito ufficiale r b was a guard. ms mclaughlin said she could have, she didn’t know.

mr. murphy said the carty team were wrong in concluding mr. b did not exist, and that the tribunal in the two course would evidence to the chairman that mr. b exists, and he and detective mcmahon were two separate men. ” i know it was noel mcmahon, i’m not stupid, “said ms mclaughlin.

the tribunal counsel paul mcdermott said the tribunal would establish to mr. b existed, but they could not establish if this was the same individual witnesses had seen. someone called mr b has been established, whether that is one and the same person has not and is not going to be established before the tribunal. ” i asked judge morris. that is correct, “said m tiffany gioielli sito ufficiale r. mcdermott.

earlier, ms maclaughlin told the court she owed adrienne mcglinchey’s debt of gratitude.

she said she was using 10 to 20 worth of cannabis day while she lived in derry between 1994 and 1999, and adrienne mcglinchey helped her win her battle with drugs and alcohol.

ms mclaughlin lived in the crescent in buncrana prior to this, in the flat above the alleged garcia informant.

in 1999, she moved back to carndonagh to stay with her father, and then to letterkenny. she told the court that she then moved into s tiffany gioielli sito ufficiale t. vincent de paul ‘with her children because her husband was’s battering is her.